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Essay example - Fred Jones Constructon

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A Marketing Strategy for Fred Jones Construction Storm Roof Repair Products & Servuices Introduction Fred Jones Construction aims to improve its sales performance from $3 million to $9 million as a retailer to final customers of storm roof repairs in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex…

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Insofar as the products are concerned, there is also a need to define the branding strategy thast can compete against other brands in the market. And in order to be competitive, there should be some awareness of the competitors’ strategies against which the Fred Jones Construction strategies for storm roof repairs will strive to be more captivating to potential customers. I.Industry & Market Analysis The storm roofing business realized a boom in Dallas right after a tornado touched down in April 2-3.2012 and a year ago in April 27, 2011. $ 100 million worth of insurance claims had been reported in 2011 for Dallas alone, based on the news report of Nielsen and Richter (2012). There were 19 separate warnings about a tornado approaching Dallas population with 6.3 million people. Hail brought by the powerful wind could be as small as peas and as big as a baseball. In mid-June 2012, Dallas experienced “the massive hail storm” which was estimated to have resulted in $ 2 billion worth of insurance claims (Richter and Berkowitz 2012). And sop, even if 1,000 contractors of roof repairs are tapped to fix all roofing and housing repairs, each contractor would have a potential market of about $2 million. ...
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