Strategic Marketing Principles

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Tesco’s Competitive Marketing Strategy – An Analysis Introduction Tesco is the globe’s leading retailers having more than 6700 stores in 13 countries, employing more than 5, 00,000 people and offering services to millions of customers in each week. Tesco is consistently earning revenues since 1999.


2.5 billion in 2012. In UK, Tesco is the leading supermarket and about one-third of UK’s selling space and 66% of total sales all the supermarkets in UK are catered by Tesco. Tesco is having hypermarkets, convenience stores and superstores. Started in 1999, Tesco has chalked out many core marketing strategies to attain the above feats to remain as one of the world-leading retailers as of today and this research essay will analyse the Tesco’s core marketing strategies in detail and how it employed these core marketing strategies to become one of the globe’s retailer.( Pitt & Koufopolos :124). “Tesco’s Core Business Strategies” Tesco’s core strategies are as follows: to concentrate more on the UK’s core ; to become the world leading retailer in online sales and stores; Tesco is a market leader in food items and wants to be stronger in other products also; to concentrate to develop the retail services in all our markets; to develop and own high-value brands. (Tesco’s Annual Report 2012:3). Tesco is having its operations in the following countries viz. USA, Europe –Turkey, Czech Republic , Poland ,Hungary, Slovakia and Republic of Ireland, Asia – India , China , South Korea , Malaysia and Thailand. (Tesco’s Annual Report 2012:1). In the last two decades, Tesco had witnessed teething issues in its aggressive marketing plans. ...
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