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Essay example - Business Report

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Business Report Name Institution Business report Executive summary This report is meant to reveal the best strategy on how the brand marketing mix can be altered. This has been done in consideration of the critical success factors that were identified from the study…

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These recommendations have focused on the marketing strategy of the business, where correct advertising and marketing have to be done. This is to make sure that all target customers are gaining access to this information. The other recommendation is on the competences of the management and staff, where proper training should be carried out, as well as, proper scrutiny of their skills before recruitment. The report also presents information on customer relations and job satisfaction of the employees. Table of content 1.0 Executive summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Marketing strategies 4.0 Internal and external environment 5.0 Training and orientation 6.0 Products and brands 7.0 Pricing decisions 8.0 Recommendations 9.0 References Introduction The brand product mix is done in light of four business tools which include price, product, promotion, and place (Onkvisit, 2008). When these four tools are properly utilized and proper balance struck among them, it ultimately leads to success of the business. Sheraton hotels has great prospects for continued growth, and on that base, this report has explained on the steps to be undertaken for these hotels to continue attracting, retaining and maintaining competitive advantage. It also goes further to advice on the management styles and the overall welfare of the employees. ...
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