Essay sample - International Marketing: International Marketing Plan for Hardee's to enter Australian fast food market

International Marketing: International Marketing Plan for Hardee
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Project Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Statement of Marketing Objectives 6 Market Research 7 Market Entry 9 Target Market 10 Marketing Strategy 11 Product 13 Place 13 Promotion 13 Price 14 Process 14 People 14 Physical Evidence 15 Market Positioning 15 Strategic fit & business portfolio evaluation 16 Implementation and Action Plan 17 Conclusion 17 Reference 18 Executive Summary The business environment of today has become highly challenging in nature…


This is naturally impacting the traditional and long existing buyer seller relationship. Apart from that, with the emergence of virtually connected global markets, the factor of competition is also increasing pretty rapidly. Many firms, having attained significant business growths in their homelands are concentrating on the issues of venturing into newer markets. It can be said that this is automatically resulting in the arrival of various homogeneous products in the same market of a particular region or location. It needs to be highlighted that the process of arrival of new homogenous products is resulting in the process of increase in substitute products. With the rise in availability of more and more substitute products in the markets, the negotiation power of the consumers is getting further elevated. This particular project discusses about designing a complete marketing plan that will help the American fast food chain, Hardee to enter in the markets of Australia Introduction The world of 21st century is advancing at rapid rate. The modern day world is powered by fast change and tremendous development. ...
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