Retail marketing analysis report: H&M

Retail marketing analysis report: H&M Essay example
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The four dimensions of the retail marketing mix include product, price, place and promotion. This is inclusive of merchandise and service, value and cost, advertising and sale promotions, as well as location and logistics.


This is likely to continue as a future trend which builds sustainability into the promotional function for H&M. Competition is not nearly as skilled in creating advertising campaigns that have positive psychological and sociological outcomes with customer segments, which would require experiential knowledge that could take time for competitors to try to imitate.

H&M has also built a great deal of brand equity that is founded on brand loyalty with its most attractive and dedicated youth markets. Future trends for H&M is expansion into additional product lines (such as male grooming products or female fragrances) to tap into this valuable brand value. There is no evidence that Peacocks has this same level of brand loyalty which limits this business’ ability to expand using equity from the corporate brand. Zara continues to expand into international markets, having a very recognised brand in volumes of international markets (brand recall). It is likely that Zara will respond competitively if H&M attempts extension of product lines since the business cannot compete in terms of price with H&M under its high cost operational model. ...
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