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REPORT University’s Name Professor’s Name Student’s Name Executive Summary Products are everywhere. One of the relevant examples of tangible product can be Australian Open Championship that offers its services for the purpose of satisfying entertaining needs of spectators.


Consumption of every product is a matter of choice, that is why every time when parents allow their kid to eat items of McDonald’s they are responsible for the health condition of the child. Despite all-facet market analyses, frequently consumer’s behavior can be quite surprising. In this respect, the trial-and-error approach is relevant to the strategy of the company which is able to overcome potential financial losses. Store-within-a-store strategy is an effective method of business running that helps to minimize costs and stimulate the level of demand for both parties. However, e-tailing is the future of entire commerce. Therefore, it is recommended for Bike World to choose this option as a powerful instrument of further development. Table of contents Introduction 4 Brand statement and product characteristics 4 Micro and macro environment of organizations 5 New-product development process 6 Advertising influence 7 Promotional mix 8 Business methods 9 Recommendations 10 Reference List 12 Introduction The main purpose of this report is to present basic principles of the marketing and propose the most effective recommendations to the strategies of different companies. The report studies cases of various famous companies and gives information concerning such important notions as brand realignment, macroclimate of organization, new-product development, advertising and promotional campaign. ...
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