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Marketing plan for Best Cure Pharmacy Name Institution Date I. Executive summary This marketing plan is on Best Cure Pharmacy (A fictitious company) which is a brick and mortar and a mail order pharmacy selling prescription medication at very low prices than other companies.


The pharmacy has also gained economies of scale through selling larger quantities of drugs with less labor as the larger consumers order through mail order. The pharmacy expects a large number of customers since most Americans are on continuous medicine prescription. The Best Cure Pharmacy plans to increase its market share through targeted advertising in order to increase the number of customers who are looking for ways of saving on pricey which is a necessary expense (Malcol and Keegan, 2002). II. Situation analysis The Best Cure Pharmacy is in its first year of operation and highly believes that its products market demand will be high. The company is also convinced that it requires a cohesive marketing strategy. It offers a wide prescription of medicine for customer pick up at their store front and also distributes them via mail orders. Their prices are much better than those of their competitors and this makes their services attractive to a large number of people. SWOT Analysis i. Strengths Great prices It provides a unique business environment which is appropriate for business Has highly qualified and trained staff who are customer attentive It supplies drugs to its customers through mail orders ii. Weaknesses It lacks true experience of running a mail order outfit Government intervention or regulation to medicine It lacks brand equity and visibility of a start up business iii. ...
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