Case study for Coca Cola Marketing Analysis

Case study for Coca Cola Marketing Analysis Case Study example
Case Study
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Name Professor Module Date Case study for Coca Cola Marketing Analysis The past few decades have been characterized by increasing levels of competition in the business world. This can be attributed to the improved technology, minimized restrictions of entry into business in addition to growing global population.


Coca Cola is an example of such an establishment that has remained a proficient player in the beverage trade amidst the increasing competition in the industry. It was established in the nineteenth century and it is the market leader in producing, distributing and selling soft drinks in the international market. The company operates in nearly 200 nations and has invented over 400 brands since it was founded (The Coca Cola Company). Its leading brands include Coke, Sprite, and Stony among others. Their success has its major rivals at bay including Pepsi and Nestle. This case study gives an in depth analysis of the company’s marketing strategy and the potential issues facing the company. COMPANY’S OVERVIEW As far as the global manufacturing, distribution and sale of soft drinks are concerned, the Coca Cola company in the lead. The company was founded in 1886 in Atlanta Georgia by John Pemberton who was a pharmacist by profession (The Coca Cola Company). His formula was later purchased by Asa Chandler in 1891 and this marked the advent of the company’s business achievement. It sells approximately 400 brands making it the top company in terms of market capitalization. ...
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