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International and Cross-Cultural Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Reasons making the transfer of practices attractive to the parent company 4 Analysis (Findings) 4 Factors influence the transfer of such practices 4 PESTLE Analysis 7 SWOT Analysis 10 Target Market Segment 11 Positioning 11 Marketing Mix 12 Conclusion 13 Recommendations 14 References 16 Appendices 17 Introduction International marketing can be defined as the process through which a firm looks to enter the international market.


In the modern business environment companies are looking to global not only to gain competitive advantages but also to combat the ever fluctuating global economy. Although there is much debate about the similarities or differences between cross cultural and international marketing it needs to be said that cross cultural marketing is an integral part of the overall intern marketing process (Browaeys and Price, 2008, p. 121) The concept of cross cultural marketing suggests that it is important for the marketers to know that there is very little room for ethnocentrism in the modem 21st century and there is no culture that is superior to the other. Globalization is inevitable and so is ‘cross-culturalization’. Hence one of the key parameters of success for global firms would be the ability to distinguish and understand the cultural aspects of the host nations. The present context of the study has been conducted to analyze the international and cross cultural marketing strategy of Al- Jumeirah a UAE based luxury hotel chain. The host or target country has been selected as China. ...
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