Research Proposal sample - An investigation into the importance of online advertising to hospitality and tourism

An investigation into the importance of online advertising to hospitality and tourism Research Proposal example
Research Proposal
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An Investigation into the Importance of Online Advertising to Hospitality and Tourism Course Name An Investigation into the Importance of Online Advertising to Hospitality and Tourism 1. Introduction The hospitality industry, like most industries, has been impacted by the tools that the internet provides for advertising…


The hospitality industry benefits from everything from data mining techniques to websites providing specific information. Without a web based presence it is unlikely that a hospitality industry entity would have success in this globalised and interconnected world. Through an examination of the modern travel practices of th 21st century, the benefits of the internet as a means of advertising will be revealed. 1.1 Background Zhou (2004, p. 8) explains that advantages of the internet for advertising opposed to print medium which is static, is that the internet is a dynamic and interactive method of advertisement. The internet is an environment in which print, images, and movement can all be utilized in order to attract the consumer to the product. The hospitality industry has benefited greatly by the internet because consumers have been able to cut out the middle conduit of the travel agent. Consumers can research and look at all kinds of options that they would not have been privy to previous to the capacities that opened up through the internet. The internet provides a space in which an aspect of the hospitality industry can open up the information about their services to the consumer. ...
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