IKEA General international markets activity

IKEA General international markets activity Essay example
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Expansion of IKEA in Indonesian Market Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Aim and Objective 3 Business Background of IKEA 3 Business Operation of IKEA- International Context 4 Business Operation of IKEA- Asian Context 4 International Expansion Strategies of IKEA 5 Macro Environment and Marketing Environment 5 Environment Issues 6 Cultural Issues 6 Trading Conditions 7 Marketing Environment 8 International Marketing Mix for IKEA 8 Customer Segmentation 8 Brand 10 Product & Price 11 Place & Promotion 11 Ethical Considerations 12 Conclusion 12 Reference 13 Introduction Aim and Objective This paper will try to shed some light on international expansion strategy of IKEA, which is


Hence, purpose of this essay is to understand marketing environment of Indonesian furniture industry and assume what can be plausible marketing strategy of IKEA to achieve competitive advantage over existing player in Indonesian furniture market. Understanding strategic dimension of international marketing mix of IKEA will help the study to predict viability of any marketing strategy of the company from international perspective. The study will also try to understand existing international marketing and strategic activities of the company in order to validate the proposed international marketing mix for IKEA in Indonesia. There are two major limitations are associate with this essay, 1- the researcher has used statistical data prior to recession in order to decrease the scope of outlier intervention in the growth projection and 2- the researcher has only relied on secondary data in order to prepare this report. ...
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