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Advertising can be defined as an act of promoting goods or services by drawing the interest of the public through electronic,print or broadcast media.Electronic media may include;use of television sets,radios for audio communication,the internet,billboards, etc.


print media may include; the use of magazines, newspapers, brochures, which can be printed and circulated physically to the public. Print media posses a permanent attribute since they can be kept for future use. When starting a business, advertisement is crucial for making the audience aware of the existence of any new product. Goods and services offered to the public can be introduced or promoted. This can help business enterprises to increase sales, maximize profits, inform society, and build the image of goods and services, among many other advantages. Promotion of goods and services through advertisement makes consumers to be aware of specific products or services in the market. Information is important to consumers especially regarding to brand name, price, manufactures, trade mark and any other key details. These enhances making of right choices by consumers when buying a commodity or service.Today’s world is competitive and selling commodities or services is a challenge without effective advertising.Advertising is fundamental to success of any business or service. It’s through advertising that customers or consumers of your products or services will be made aware of your existence.The target audience is normally the focus when planning for and advertisement.The effectiveness of an advertisement therefore depends on the method used to reach the target audience.Creativity is very important when designing for an advertisement. ...
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