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Strategic Marketing Table of Contents Overview 3 Market Strategies 4 Segmentation 4 Targeting 4 Positioning 5 Product strategies 5 Pricing Strategies 5 Distribution or Place 6 Promotional or Communication Mix Strategy 6 Action plan 7 Bibliography 8 Overview In this era of globalization and industrialization, the beverage industry, especially the beer market, has grown with remarkable leaps and bounds.


Strongbow Cider is a reputed brand of Foster Group Ltd fundamentally focused on using dry cider to produce its fermented alcoholic drink which is mainly preferred for its deliverance of refreshment and delight to its consumers. Moreover, the stimulating taste and striking livery helps in attracting larger number of customers as compared to other drinks. This shows that Strongbow is one of the renowned beer brands of Foster Group, holding the leader market share not only in Australian market but all across the globe. This helps in the overall enhancement of its brand identity and portfolio among other competing drinks. The objective of this paper is to recommend various marketing mix strategies with due regard to the execution of 4P’s Framework. Along with this, various other marketing strategies will also be suggested to Strongbow Cider with the view to enhance its dominance over other market leaders dealing in the similar sector. Moreover, an action plan will also be suggested for the execution and assessment of these strategies. Market Strategies Segmentation Strongbow Cider is one of the leading brands in the market of Australia. ...
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