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Although re-branding is a term that is thrown around a great deal within the world of marketing, the reality of the matter is that re-branding is merely an umbrella term for a host of marketing theories and concepts


Utilizing the case of Hunter Boots and the case study which was provided concerning how the firm was able to rebrand and ultimately turn the company around from near insolvency to rampant sales generation and growth, this brief analysis will be able to draw a high level of inference upon the means by which re-branding is effected as well as pointing to some of the key marketing concepts and theories that are oftentimes utilized in order to bring effective re-branding about. As such, rather than merely restating the case study in question, this particular analysis will seek to define the means whereby Hunter Boots was able to effect its rebranding and turn around via several different applications of marketing strategy and theory. Moreover, rather than merely elaborating upon some of the marketing mechanisms that Hunter Boots utilized in order to bring the firm back from the brink of extinction within the marketplace, the analysis will close with a particular word of warning. Such a word of warning is of course with relation to the fact that such a rebranding process that is ever-mindful of the realities of the marketplace is demanded to be perpetually engaged with if such a firm wishes to continue to have a place within the market. ...
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