Dissertation sample - United Kingdom fashion retailers' strategies of internet branding

United Kingdom fashion retailers
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United Kingdom fashion retailers' strategies of internet branding
With the introduction of internet, the online fashion retail industry has been able to grow and at the moment it is growing at a rapid pace (SAS and Verdict, 2011)…


United Kingdom fashion retailers' strategies of internet branding Introduction The United Kingdom’s fashion industry is one of its most vibrant sectors of its economy. Characteristics of consumers of this industry make it a customer and brand driven market-place. In order for brands to compete successfully in this industry they need to be market driven, meaning that they need to design their unique selling proposition according to the needs and aspirations of the customer segments they want to target (Wol?nbarger, and Gilly, 2001) Diversity of customer preferences presents attractive opportunities to manufacturers and retailers of this industry. Consumer behaviour and preferences have been changing with the passage of time, and today consumers can shop from anywhere.
The marketing and branding strategies adapted by the online fashion retailer play an important role in increasing the sales of the product. Moreover, appropriate online branding strategy reduces the risk of the failure of the product (Laroche, Habibi, Richard, and Sankaranarayanan, 2012). Moreover, it allows organisations to reduce their marketing costs and thus they are able to reach their customers easily and in a cost effective manner. Therefore, the significance of the online branding strategies cannot be ignored in the online fashion retail industry.
The research study and its findings will be useful for different analysts, economists, researchers and fashion industry participants. The most important aspect of this research is that it analyzes the strategies that are needed by online retailers to succeed. ...
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