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Marketing Planning 2 Table of Contents About Tesco 3 Tactics: Tesco 3 Actions: Tesco 7 Control: Tesco 11 References 13 Appendix 15 Scheduling Activities 15 About Tesco Tesco is regarded as one of the world’s leading retailers which began its journey in the year 1919 and was created by Jack Cohen.


It was in the year 1924 that Tesco Stores Limited ultimately turned out to be a private limited based organisation (Tesco, 2012). Tesco generally executes its broad business functions and offers numerous high quality brands or products to its worldwide customers in order to attain lifetime loyalty from the customers by competing upon the price, range, innovation and quality of the products. Tactics: Tesco On the basis of situational analysis of Tesco in terms of macro as well as micro business environmental factors, there lie certain important objectives of the organisation that would assist the organisation directing it towards attaining a competitive position and sustainability as well in future. The major goals of Tesco are to enlarge their sales, mitigating the consequences of Credit Crunch in the economy of UK in the short run. In its long run performances, the organisation tends to grow its market share over its chief competitors by offering greater money value to its customers through the availability of products at a cheaper rate and thus attaining a certain degree of competitive advantage (Scribd Inc., 2012). ...
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