Marketing Channels and Logistics. Pepsi Cola in Ukraine.

Marketing Channels and Logistics. Pepsi Cola in Ukraine. Essay example
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The case discusses the Pepsi Cola sale and the methods that they have been using to get their own business settled in Ukraine. The case overlooks a lot of issues and problems that exist in Ukraine and how they have been a hurdle in the growth of Ukraine.


Also at the time when the case was written Coca Cola had setup their own plant in the area and since Pepsi only had bottling plants in the area they felt threatened by their entry as earlier they had the full control of the soft drink market. The case discusses the internal and the external factors that are affecting the supply and the distribution of the Pepsi in the country of Ukraine. TASK 1 There were many problems that existed there, the problems will be discussed one by one and later the four major ones will be given. Ukraine is a very poor country, with loads of issues of their own; the people are living in utter discomfort and have hardly any money for spending on luxurious goods and even many a times they do not even possess enough to be able to afford any other goods that are counted as a necessity. There have been a lot of skirmishes amongst the people themselves who are all fighting for limited resources. In countries like Ukraine it is a norm that people fight with each other for the limited resources that exist and hence there are a lot of issues. The economic situation of Ukraine is really very bad, there is increased terrorism in the whole country and nothing is safe. The economic conditions are real worse here. ...
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