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Strategic Marketing Management: Samsung in Canada Name: University: Tutor: Course: Date: Executive Summary Samsung has a magnificent growth opportunity in the Canadian market. Although the firm has been able to capture the global market for the Smartphone market, it has not done as good a job in the Canadian market.


Brief History Samsung electronics is one of the Asian technology firms which have been able to capture a good market in the global market. The firm is a part of the Samsung conglomerate that provides a number of services and products. The firm has been able to establish a large enough market niche, overcoming global giants such as Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia. In terms of its Smartphone sales, Samsung has been able to provide a strong competition in the global market, and this has enabled the firm to be able to increase its sales and revenues. However, although Samsung has been able to capture a big market share on the global market, the firm has not been able to capture the Canadian market where its main competitor, Blackberry, has a stronghold on the market. This is critical because the Canadian market is a particularly good one given the fact that the market is a high end market, with numerous potential customers. Goals To be the market leader Samsung intends to be the market leader in consumer electronics. ...
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