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Student ID: Project Title: Case Study on D2 using the 5D framework To: 5D Organizational Change Management Definition The economy of Europe has faced significant problems and faced a great depression over the past. ("Eurozone crisis | Business | The Guardian", n.d., 2013).


D2, being a multinational company that deals with car manufacturing has faced great problems from the surging crisis. There has been a significant fall in demand and prices which has been induced by the crisis. This has also affected the banking system making it difficult for D2 to fully perform its business operations. The Eurozone crisis covers major contributors to the Europe economy and has led to the reduction of the overall credit score throughout Europe (BBC, 2013). The crisis has limited the functionality of D2 and forced it to adopt new approach to its entire management. In order to adapt to the pressure caused by the dwindling economy, D2 need urgent but effective change of its entire organizational management system. This requires them to design new methods of operation and new strategies of manufacturing so as to avoid succumbing to the falling economy. Therefore, D2 needs a redefinition of their complete system for the purposes of survival and sustenance. This has forced the board of directors to direct for immediate actions to be taken towards maintaining profitability. There are several actions that the board has decided to take: the first is to close their UK factory so as to enable them centralize their resources and gain economies of scale, this is a decision which has been arrived at following the low contributions of the branch. ...
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