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Directive and Interactive Marketing The Case of W. M. Morrison Supermarket Name Course Institution Date of Submission Question a). Market Analysis of W. M. Morrison Supermarket Overview of W. M. Morrison Supermarket W. M. Morrison Supermarket is Bradford based supermarket chain that operates in the United Kingdom.


Nonetheless, there is need for a market analysis in a bid to ascertain whether launching an on-line shopping facility later in 2013 will be profitable. Situation analysis Situation analysis is a collection of strategic tools for understanding both the internal and external market of W. M. Morrison Supermarket. Situation analysis tools include 5C analysis, SWOT, and Porter’s five forces amongst others (Kotler, 2009). The following is a situation analysis for W. M. Morrison Supermarket on the basis of the aforementioned three tools. A. 5C Analysis The 5C analysis of W. M. Morrison Supermarket includes the company, competitors, customers, collaborators, and climate (Kotler, 2009). It is important to note that W. M. Morrison Supermarket is supermarket chain that operates with a specific environment hence influenced by the above mentioned aspects. Company: W. M. Morrison Supermarket is considered as the 4th largest supermarket chain within the UK markets. Since 2002, Morrison has been able to deliver 3000 varieties of perishable food as well as 600 brands of readymade meals to approximately 250,000 customers thus attracting a turnover of approximately $400m annually. In addition, Morrison enjoys the experience of click and collect sector, which it has a command of approximately 10% in the Fresh Direct, a New York-based entity. ...
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