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International marketing Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Executive summary The current situation of the company can be valuated using comprehensive SWOT analysis and the analysis of the market trends and the success of the products in the market. The market share of Brastemp has been increasing over the last two years…


The company has established a strong brand which has enabled it to be the best in the market. The brand is of part of the organization, it is an integral property of the business, which adds value to the business (Anushree, 2012, p. 50). However, the cost of the products has been a hindrance to new customers without the understanding of the status of the company. The company is currently targeting the high and middle class by producing phones that facilitate business operation. However, the low-class customers are a potential opportunity for expansion and development. The company needs to expand and develop products targeting the mass market. The company’s product price is slightly higher compared to the products originating from Korea and Japan and China. Coupled with the narrow range of products offered, the company faces stiff price competition because other companies produce a wider range of products with varying prices. The success of the company’s electronics in the market has been reduced by the variety existing in the market (Lee & Carla, 2005, p. 45). Additionally, the greatest threat is from the already established companies such as Black and Decker because they have established a presence. ...
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