Organizational Capabilities and Strategic Management of Google

Organizational Capabilities and Strategic Management of Google Essay example
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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Organizational capabilities and strategic management of Google Google is a multinational corporation that was founded in the year 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were PhD. Students at Stanford University. It is a search engine that provides various internet services such as advertising technologies; cloud computing, internet search and software.


It also focuses on the success of various businesses in the online world and offline too. It does this by focusing on products such as media and sales ads. For the web, Google has built various products with the intention of making the web and the experiences of the users better. Organizational capabilities Google has proved to have a wide range of organizational capabilities that enable it to stay ahead of the market competition. Scott states that one of the capabilities that Google has is innovativeness in terms of its products and even how they offer the services (122). This can be clearly seen from its motto of continuous innovation. Google usually invests some of its money and time towards innovation growth by encouraging its employees to come up with new products and ideas. An example is where it recommends 20% of the technical employees’ time to be spent on their own activities while 80% of their time spent on advertising and core research. This investment has accounted for half of new features and products that have been created by Google. Every employee is given freedom of thought and ability to make changes to projects or even create their own projects. This in effect continuously encourages the employees to concentrate on coming up with new ideas that will add value to the company. ...
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