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Essay example - Advertising campaign analysis: BMW

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This essay describes the marketing strategy and advertisement of the luxury carmaker BMW. BMW understands that many in the middle class, those that do not maintain abundant financial resources, will turn toward consumption of luxury products as a means of mimicking the lifestyle of the more affluent. …

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This essay "Advertising campaign analysis: BMW" outlines the successful commercial of the luxury automaker BMW, its perception, buyer process and involvement levels. Though BMW is not utilising celebrity endorsers in the campaign, the age and physical characteristics of the chosen actors in the ads are representative of the ideological values of the younger markets. The scene and colours utilised in the campaign are rather drab, yet clean, consisting of what appears to be an upscale bedroom environment with high quality furnishings. The main emphasis is to focus on the consumer that is transfixed by the image of the BMW even when facing his/her beautiful partner. The ad is creating the perception that egocentric needs are acceptable and can even be fulfilled regardless of the variety of social engagement being undertaken by the consumer. However, this is the goal for the contemporary and modish consumer segment, especially the Innovator market segment. BMW should not over-complicate and run the risk of establishing cognitive dissonance with the consumer segment, instead making the environment simplistic and devoid of colours that could distract the consumer from the brand. In fact, the colours utilised in the ad campaign are the same hue and contrast of the BMW brand, in silver, blue and black. This shows consistency to the brand image, perhaps even sending the perception that important reference group characters in the advertisements attempt to build their lifestyle environment around the foundational colours of the brand. ...
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