Essay sample - Choose an advert or advertising campaign you have seen. It can be taken from any media and can be something you thought was rea

Choose an advert or advertising campaign you have seen.  It can be taken from any media and can be something you thought was rea Essay example
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Advertising campaign analysis: BMW BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE 1.0 Introduction The luxury carmaker, BMW, understands the lifestyle characteristics of its target consumers which translates into effective ad campaign development with certain values, beliefs, and behaviours of the firm’s most profitable markets…


What differentiates BMW from its competitors is the level of relationship with consumers that the brand maintains. The company’s recent “The Ultimate Attraction” ad campaign consisted of magazine promotions, outdoor billboards and transit advertising formats, a campaign that establishes BMW as an important construct and facilitator in the lives of target consumers who maintain high economic resources. 2.0 The Five W’s of “The Ultimate Attraction” Under the VALS 2 model of psychographics, BMW targets to the Innovator target market segment. The Innovator maintains characteristics that consist of extremely high self-esteem and this market maintains plentiful financial resources (SBI 2013). Innovators are drawn to luxury products that are able to illustrate their sophisticated tastes and cultured lifestyle needs. Social status is very important to the Innovator market and the role of reference groups important in their lives influence current and future consumption behaviours. This is a phenomenon known as status or conspicuous consumption, in which the consumer purchases high-cost and opulent products as a means of illustrating to society their achievements in finance or business (O’Cass and McEwen 2004). ...
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