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Kodak and Fujifilm Introduction Company History and Core Business Approaches of Both Companies In the recent scenario, photography has grabbed the attention of a number of people on a global basis as a subject of profession as well as a prominent hobby. Though photography was not too much popular at past but now the interests of people towards obtaining a wide variety of cameras have augmented manifold.


Although Fujifilm has in the past two decades become one of the leading names in the industry, Kodak possessed a long standing history of more than 130 years. In 1988, Kodak camera was launched in the market of the United States (US). Contextually, it came to prominence as a distinct organization with its slogan of “You Press the Button, We do the rest” which influenced the people to buy its offerings (Kodak, n.d.). George Eastman was the founding figure of the Eastman Kodak Company whose main aim was to make the facet of photography more useful, simpler along with pleasurable. The core principles that were followed by Eastman from the inception of Kodak entail a clear focus upon the needs of the consumers, global distribution, widespread advertising and mass production or manufacturing at relatively reduced cost (Kodak, n.d.). Conversely, Fujifilm is essentially a Japan based company which too is one of the giant companies in its segment. Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd started its operations in Japan in the year of 1934. As a key turning point in the success of Fujifilm, it established its United States based manufacturing unit in 1988 which facilitated the company to challenge the dominance of market leader Kodak. ...
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