the retail mix analysis for Zara in uk

the retail mix analysis for Zara in uk Essay example
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Zara in the UK Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Outline 1. Competitive Advantage in Zara 2. SWOT Analysis of Zara 2.1. Strength 2.2. Weakness 2.3. Opportunities 2.4. Threats 3. Factors Affecting Future Retailing 3.1. Merchandise range and assortment 3.2. Marketing communications 3.3.


Competitive Advantage in Zara Zara in the United Kingdom is a successful Fashion that has been in existence for over five years and has kept a high profile as a supply chain. The administration of Zara has been reporting the contributing factors to the retailer’s achievements as the use of modern information exchange. The first element of competitive advantage of Zara is majorly proper monitoring and study of the dynamic consumer needs. Zara through the Marketing Department conducts systematic research on the specific needs of the fast fashion consumers in order to provide relevant services and design items (Tadros, 2010). This has led to sustainable business due to unique designs and fashions for customer orders. The second aspect of competitive advantage is Financial Leveraging. Zara through partnership with other fast fashion retail chain stores in the UK manages to access adequate funding for its production and operational costs. This enables Zara to triumph against its close competitors such as Top-Shop and Mango. Partnership enables Zara to spread its financial obligation and deficits that may arise to the partners and eases the financial burden of entire organization (Laermer & Simmons, 2007). ...
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