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In the present business scenario,advertisement is considered to be one of the most applied tools for the effective promotion of products and/or services in the worldwide market segments.Advertisement is recognised to be the most appropriate medium of communication


This promotional tool is thus utilised by companies with the objective of creating better awareness among customers in the market segments in relation to their products and/or services [1] (The University of Sydney, 2013). Coca-Cola is a world-renowned beverage company established in the year 1986 that has been operating quite competitively on a global context. The company is perceived to be executing its business activities in beyond 200 countries currently. Moreover, the company is recorded to be offering around 500 brands to its consumers in the worldwide market. In its marketing tactics, the company has been utilising various promotional strategies with the objective of performing its various business activities in a successful and competitive manner within its wide-ranging market segments. In this respect, it has been observed that the company uses extensive advertisement practices, especially through the audio-visual media such as television and internet for developing better awareness among consumers (The Coca-Cola Company, 2011). For instance, in 2011, the company used an effective promotional strategy named ‘Share a Coke’ campaign with 150 different popular first names of individuals printed on the bottles and cans along with the brand name of the company. The campaign was launched within the beverage market of Australia. ...
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