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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Marketing Plan-Promotion In business, marketing plan is found in the larger consideration of what a business plan entails, a marketing plan is borne from a well-structured marketing strategy that stipulates what actions the business will be engaged in to realize their objectives.


Promotion of a product is therefore part of the marketing pan in which a business wants their product to be widely known to the prospective consumers, the sole intention of promotion is to create the required awareness among the people on the existence of a product, its uses, effectiveness, price, and availability in the outlets. A well-structured promotion cans results into tremendous increment in the total product sales. There are many other aspects in a promotional mix that will be considered in this case to do promotion in South Africa, they are discussed below; I. Advertising For effective promotion of our product in South Africa, we have considered using advertisement as one of our strategies to meet the prospective buyers. In advertisement, we have opted to use extensive three options, televisions, Radio, and Print ads. This is following the realization that with radio, we are able to reach a number of people simultaneously-the literate and the illiterate. Because a huge chunk of the population in South Africa lives in urban areas, and that the product we intend to promote is mostly related to those in urban areas, we have also opted to use TVs and Print ads to supplement the promotion coverage. ...
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