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4: Harrah's Entertainment--Loyalty Management - Case Study Example


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4: Harrah's Entertainment--Loyalty Management

The Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. has involved itself in ensuring that they meet the need of all the potential customers. The company has established casino entertainment in more locations as compared to its competitors. The establishment of the casino in many areas implies that the company has its customers at heart and is ready to do anything to meet all their needs (Weinstein, 2012). Furthermore, Harrah’s Entertainment also ensures a healthy environment for its employees through offering rewards. It considers that the satisfaction of the customers has a direct relation with the satisfaction of the employees, hence, leading to the need for employees’ incentives. In fact, the company has also maintained the highest market share as Forbes magazine mentions that they are the market leaders. Its status as market leaders results from the increased growth of the company and the identification by many customers. Determining whether the company achieves the value required by the customers would involve an analysis of the organization that includes the stakeholders, the business culture, the organizational structure, the strategies, and the value providers (delivered value versus the perceived value). All of these factors of the organization with the addition of the customers received value and the business performance will reveal how the company relates to its customers and the resulting received value. Organization Stakeholders Stakeholders form an essential part in the operation of any organization.

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In order to create value required by customers, the company has to look for ways of establishing a group of stakeholders who are aware of the aim of the company towards their customers. The stakeholders associated with the company include investors, employees, communities, business partners and customers. The company has involved itself in ensuring that they meet the need of all its potential customers. The company has increased the number of locations that it operates in as compared to the competitors and this increasing in number of locations in which the company operates means that its customers have a central influence on the company. The company is able to meet the needs of most of its customers because of the widening of locations for an operation. The company considers the loyalty of its customers to determine the operation process because of the notion that happy customers are always loyal. The company provides the incentives in terms of reward based on customers’ service score (Weinstein, 2012). However, the case shows that the company does not associate with any investors. The company needs to reconsider its stand on seeking for investors in order to increase the capital of the company. Business Culture Business culture refers to the style of operation used by a certain company. It is important in determining the ability of a business to establish value for its customers since it identifies whether the company uses productive techniques. The business culture comprises how the staff communicates with each other and the respective clients and customers. The company deals with a customer-centric marketing and operation approach. This means that the company mainly aims at meeting the needs


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Case 4: Harrahs Entertainment--Loyalty Management essay example
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