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Students’ name Course number Professor’s name Date of the paper Nespresso marketing research Introduction The marketing field has experienced a paradigm shift in the past century. A similar trend has been noted in the current century where major changes have occurred.


Nespresso is a major brand in the market of portion coffee, which is a fast growing segment in the market that cannot be ignored. This product comprises of high quality production coffee which packed in small aluminum cups from high end machines made by them. The Nespresso system offers a rare and refined quality coffee to its consumers that in unrivalled. This outstanding combination of uniqueness and convenience makes it popular especially for the working class. This research paper provides a brief history of Nespresso’s development, the challenges it may encounter in the current market and suggested practices in order to capitalize fully on their market share. Methodology This research design consisted of exploratory research done using a local pilot survey by the researcher. A questionnaire design was used due to its in expensive, convenient, and extremely efficient way of collecting a large amount of sample data and varied information from the target audience. In addition, its simplicity and convince in matters pertaining beverages, restaurant dinning behaviors, and consumer interests were taken to be advantageous in this marketing research. The research design included a wide variety of close ended questions intended for the espresso consumer related to the research objectives, and were guaranteed to provide positive required results. ...
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