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Supply Chain Management Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Insert Date Organizations need various inputs or resources that will ensure that they continue to effectively operate in the contemporary business environment. There is also an issue of an increasing importance of laying an emphasis on customer service excellence.


With constant changes in the operational environment, most organizations are aware that performance and competitiveness in their respective markets can only be enhanced through creation of an active supply chain. This paper looks at some of the strategic implications of supply chain distribution in an organization and their influence on productivity and competitiveness of organizations. Various scholars have come up with various definitions to illustrate on what is meant by supply chain. According to Jacoby (2009:17), supply chain is a process through which goods are channelled from the point of production to the point of distribution, aiming at reaching consumers at the right time to gain profit. Processes involved in chains of distribution are so numerous that it requires aggressive business people to implement all of them. Such activities involve managing people, trying to utilize information, which helps in service delivery and utilization of the available resources in order to maximize output. It is also worth to discuss supply chain management, which goes hand in hand with supply chain. ...
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