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Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management - Essay Example

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Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management Introduction Capacity management refers to the management and planning of demand and customer base of companies at one end and manage supply chain effectively on the other end…

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Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management

This esay sresses that Tesco PLC has a large and mature customer segment which needs to be catered, managed and facilitated through conventional and unconventional means. On the other hand, with a comparatively small customer segment, Primark’s aim to build capacity is aimed at increasing customer base, rather than managing or facilitating it. Having considered the fact that the customers of the company increased significantly, Tesco PLC required a solution for increasing its capacity to manage growing customer base.
Having taken into consideration the increase in retail customers’ demand, Tesco has considered a paradigm shift in its capacity planning and management.
This paper makes a conclusion that keeping in view the comparative analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark in this report with regard to their capacity management and initiatives taken in this respect by both of them, it is evident that there is a marked difference between the strategies of both companies. Tesco PLC, having a strong physical presence and large retail floor space in the UK, has been focusing on going online to target a greater customer base. In fact, the management at Tesco PLC is considering reducing its retail space, which will ultimately benefit the company in reducing its operating costs. On the other hand, Primark has persisted with its strategy of increasing retail floor space in the UK and has also planned to carry it forward in the future too. ...
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