Essay sample - Analyse compare and contrast the two organizations (Tesco and Primark) In relationship with capacity of the service operation

Analyse compare and contrast the two organizations (Tesco and Primark) In relationship with capacity of the service operation Essay example
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Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management [Student’s Name] [Course Title] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] Comparative Analysis of Tesco PLC and Primark’s Capacity Management Introduction Capacity management refers to the management and planning of demand and customer base of companies at one end and manage supply chain effectively on the other end…


Although the retail services offered by both companies have a marked difference, but it is possible to conduct an analysis which undertakes a review of their strategies regarding their ability and planning to meet demands of their existing and potential customers. Before moving ahead with the analysis, following is a brief review of the two retail companies’ operations. Tesco PLC Tesco PLC is a well established and a leading retail business operator in the United Kingdom with approximately 250,000 employees and above 1700 retail outlets. Tesco PLC started as a food retailing company in the UK and then extended its retail operations to include retail products such as electronic items, clothing goods, home and office equipments and furniture, and financial services. Tesco PLC, today, has the largest customer base in the UK retail segment (Tesco PLC, 2012). Primark Primark operates as a subsidiary of one of the largest food processing company and retailing company ABF PLC (Associated British Foods PLC, 2012). The company has an Irish origin and it deals with the retailing of clothing products in and outside the UK. Primark is different from Tesco in a way that it has a limited range of retail products to offer (Associated British Foods PLC, 2012). ...
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