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(Name of institution) (Student registration no) MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Executive Summary This paper is about management consulting. It therefore seeks to enumerate on the experience of the consulting firm Professional Consultants in their consulting to the Proper oils company.


They also have team works in every representative they send to their clients. They also use the different consulting modes in how they consult with their clients. Table of Contents Introduction Management consulting in its essence is the action or practice of helping organizations and business to improve on their performance. They are therefore called upon to help management to achieve the organization goals. Organizations call them for a variety of reasons which are mainly centered on gaining an external objective input on how to run the organization. Another reason is management consultants are experts in this area therefore gaining expertise information from the consultants (Schwartz, 2002). They are valuable since they have dealt with many organizations and hence have expert knowledge on how to achieve success in the organization. Other essential skills that management consultants offer the organizations include change management assistance, development and coaching skills, technology setting up in the firm, strategy development and also efficiency in operational services. Management consultants manage these tasks by bringing their own methods and frameworks that have succeeded in other organizations to make the organization more efficient and effective at performing their tasks (Drucker, 2006). Management consultancy has grown over the years. ...
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