New Paper Publishing on the Verge of Extinction

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New Paper Publishing on the Verge of Extinction Name: Institution Introduction The rapid growth in modern technology has posed a challenge to the traditional media like the newspaper. In most cases, the increased use and of the internet through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has been heavily relied on to inform me on any breaking news, therefore replacing the use of newspapers.


In some countries, the effect of the new technology on traditional media is still controllable. Different citizens in some countries e.g. the third world countries prefer to receive their news through the print newspaper. However, analysts have the opinion that such people should opt for online digital newspaper as well as considering the opportunity to increase their advertising revenue. The Internet as a Global New Medium The dawn of the internet era since the late 1990s has resulted to many people been on the receiving end through the reliance on platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get news. It is worth noting that a threat to the newspaper warrants an important adjustment to media hegemony theories. Studies have it clear that mass media news outlets struggle to change gate-keeping standards because of demands for interactive content produced by audience themselves. In other words, the long term picture of newspaper information, which is not interactive, is not easy to foresee it’s near future. It is a well known fact that a newspaper only gives an audience a platform to take what is written. ...
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