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SONY’s Experiments in Social Media Marketing Abstract This paper gives specific focus to the social media strategies of the multinational firm Sony Corporation so as to evaluate the intensity of the new trends in the business world and how firms today utilize social media networks for their business campaign.


Introduction Social media has become an integral part of modern business management practices especially for the past few years. Most of the business firms have already appointed their own social media managers so as to pace with the emerging trend in the business communication tactics. The dramatic change with regard to business communication and business promotion strategies can be attributed to the increasing number of people using social media to keep in touch with their loved ones today. In other words, social media networks like facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Googletalk, etc have become the major platforms for millions of people across the world to interact with individuals from various cultures. Individuals obtain the opportunity to learn more about different cultural practices, norms, and beliefs this way. This is the context that forces business firms to perceive social media as the most innovative and rather potential podium for business promotion. Social media: An overview Internet has been explosively growing over the last decade, for this worldwide network was found constructive for the whole world to be connected always. Internet has greatly changed the way people live and the mode they transact businesses. ...
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