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Book Report/Review example - literature review :Does team diversity improve performance? Discuss with reference to key academic studies in this area

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Book Report/Review
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Literature Review: Does Team Diversity Improve Performance? Discuss With Reference To Key Academic Studies In This Area Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review: Does Team Diversity Improve Performance? 5 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction The term ‘team diversity’ signifies the prevailing considerable uniqueness of every individual on a particular team…

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This kind of diversity incorporates gender, work, experience, culture, age, ethical heritage, geographic location, region, thinking style, family status and communication style among others. However, at the present time, team diversity has been determined to be a concerning issue for the human resources department of an organisation regarding whether the venture is a fruitful one for the organisation or not. For this reason, from the last few decades enormous researches have been conducted to observe the effect of team diversity on team outcomes. Therefore, an analysis would be conducted to find out the pros and cons of workplace team diversity. Team diversity is designed to improve the ability of the employees to engage and interact more effectively among the various team members. Therefore, they can share their knowledge, collective behaviour, perception and concerns with the different team members and the team members also can provide individual feedbacks as well as gain knowledge about the characteristics and values of high performing teams. As per the research report of Salas & et. al., (2008) on team diversity, it was determined that 74% of the employees are very happy regarding this process and they are willing to work more. ...
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