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The two basic tools which are available in Google ad words are the keywords tools and the Ad Preview & Diagnostic tool. Keyword Tool Keyword tool helps the advertisers by giving information about the important keyword which can be added to their campaign


A person can search for keywords using a word or a phrase, a website or a category. As an example suppose we are making an ad campaign for mobiles , then the word mobile sales can be used as an input in the word or phrase column to get information about possible keywords ; the website column can be used to get suggested keywords by entering our own website in the column or the website of a competitor. Category column usually gives many weird suggestions but can be a good starting point if we are not aware of what keywords to use or if the company does not has a website of its own. It can work as a starting point .In this tool we also have the advanced filters option which can be used to filter keywords based on the country we are targeting, the language spoken by the target market and whether the application is visible on desktop or mobile. Ad words Preview and Diagnosis Tool This tool can be used to see how the ad is being displayed by Google. It can be used to preview the ad and solve any problems with the display (Moss, 2009). This tool can be used to see the display of the ad in various geographical locations. This tool functioning requires us to enter the term for which search results are to be seen , the domain(country) , the language , location and the devices (mobile or desktop) where we want to see our ads. For e.g. ...
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