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Marketing Simulation for Round 5 Name: College: Course code: Date: Company Analysis at the end of Round Five Market Outlook The market for smart phones is shrinking gradually due to the increase in the number of smart phone makers in the market. Most of the companies are targeting the high-end segment of the market i.e.


Advertising remains a key tool of reaching the consumers in all segments. Research indicates that most of the consumers responded well to advertisements in most of the segments except for the corporate segments. Overall, the company should put more focus on creating products and advertisements aimed at the normal and lower end segment of the market. Competition Competition is extremely fierce in the smart phone market. The main competitors are Best Sport, Brandy A1, Super Sport1, H2 and O2. Ocean Blue is the biggest threat since its range of Sport products are the market leaders in Europe. Most people in the other markets also prefer the products to the others. For instance in the above chart, they are preferred by most households (both average and high end), and companies. Ochre is also a significant threat due to its main product, the iConnect 900. This product is dominating the Asian market, which is proving to be tricky for the Orange team to penetrate. The U Smart developed by the Creative team also dominates the Asian market. The U Smart follows the iConnect 900 in market domination. The Orange team is trying to put strategies that will improve its situation in the two markets. In terms of share price, the Orange team had an increase of approximately 10%. ...
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