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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Marketing Assignment Technological advances and socio-cultural forces can have great impact on businesses. Identify one technological advance and one socio-cultural change that have influenced your major/discipline (IT, Engg. Tech, Human factors, Chemistry, Sport and Fitness, Psychology, etc.).


One of the main technological advancements that completely transformed the business world is the invention of the Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Technology enables people to network easily, chat and meet friends over the internet. In addition, businesses take advantage of this platform provided by social media networks to advertise their products and services, i.e. through e marketing and e-commerce. Social media networks have millions of people converging on their sites at the same time. Businesses are looking for these customers. Therefore, it is mandatory for every business to have a presence in social media in order to keep adrift with business trends and transformation (Hair, Lamb and McDaniel 14). On the other hand, social media networks also brought about significant transformation in the social-cultural arena whereby it transformed how people interacted. Through social media networks, it is possible for people to meet and make friends with other from parts of the globe. ...
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