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Marketing Strategy for a Proposed Security Service Business Name Institution Date Abstract Starting a business requires knowledge of a number of issues which validate the choice of the business and factors that influence the nature of the choice. Marketing strategies should be calculated and deliberated on.


In light of this, this paper is a marketing strategy for a hypothetical new business. 1. NAME, LOCATION & NATURE. Sequrex Security Services will be a service provider for security and related provisions’ solutions that will cover a wide spectrum of security needs. It will be located at Inglewood in Los Angeles, California. This choice of location is calculated and purposed. The market there is un exploited and there are many avenues for growth and diversification. Sequrex Security Services will be a security provision business. It will specialize in an array of inter related security Services. At the roll out, it will specialize in commercial and residential guarding, consultancy and events security. With time and growth, the company will expand its operations to GSM alarm installation, CCTV, private investigation, dog training and executive/ VIP protection. This should be in the second growth tenure. Lastly, the company should grow to offer information security, which will involve coding for computers, phones, internet portals and virtual stores and offices. 2. SELF-ANALYSIS Ensure that the self-analysis is relevant to the proposed service and that you make the comparisons. Security is a personal take due to the influences of the environment. I have researched widely on security from a personal interest to understand the key components of such a business. ...
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