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Executive Summary The Classic Airline carrier is currently facing a very tough operating environment. It is currently working in a mature industry, having large number of competitors. This creates a hostile competitive environment for the company. This competitive environment of the company has been augmented by a shift in the operating paradigm of the industry.


The airline’s CEO is under immense pressure to turn around the fate of the company. The most problematic situation for the company is that it is currently incurring a large cost per customer per mile, and, to add to this problem, the company has just made a mistake in its marketing program. Thus, in this scenario, a new and a fresh marketing approach is required, implications of which should trickle down to the entire organization. This marketing strategy should keep customers as its focal point, because current customer satisfaction level is very low for the organization. Another important crisis which this marketing strategy should resolve is that of positioning. The current positioning statement of the company is taking it nowhere in terms of differentiating its services. Another implication of this is that the employees of the company are feeling an identity crisis. This situation is further made complex by the inability of the airline’s CEO act effectively regarding the utility of the functional areas of the airline. Her focus on numbers is creating a friction between her and the various departments of the organization, especially the marketing department. ...
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