Why do consumers love GreyGoose

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Greygoose is vodka with a natural taste and smell produced and processed traditionally in France. The spirit won a platinium award at the world spirit competition held at San Francisco by Chicago Beverage Testing Institute.


The winning answered the consumer’s long asked question of whether expensive vodka tested better than cheap vodka. Consequently people felt justified for buying expensive vodka (Rothbaum 60). Following the cosumer’s loving for greygoose, we developed an urge to conduct a research. The research was to explain why consumers love greygoose. We used ZMET procedure to carry out our research. We chose on ZMET because the procedures involved draw out the deepest feelings, thoughts, recognitions and undisclosed perceptions of the respondent concerning the topic being interviewed. ZMET is the best choice for researchers willing to investigate consumer behaviors concerning a given product (Chang 279). We recruited our informants from France. Since many people were willing to participating in our interview, we carried out screening criteria on consumers who were interested in participating in the interview. We conducted in-depth interviews and carried out the convenience sampling to choose our interview participants (Chang 279). We were gender-sensitive thus we selected one male and one female. Therefore we had two informants for our data collection process with whom we carried out two interviews. ...
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