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Advertisements to compare - Term Paper Example

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This ad shows how the Huggies brand appeals to needs for love according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The pose of the mother and the baby have been used to do so as the baby is being cleaned single-handedly by the mother …

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Advertisements to compare

Considering that this product is made for babies, parents (particularly mothers) are likely to be the major target audience for this product. Since cleaning the baby gently is a basic need and protecting the baby in the mother’s hands is also a need, the motivations behind buying this product are likely to be psychological(emotional) rather than functional. The baby’s desire to belong to the mother by staying in her hands even while washing is a social need. Therefore, the mother is likely to make the purchase of such a product that satisfies her baby the most. Parents want the best for their child (Daniels, 2009); hence, they are highly moved by television ads, word-of-mouth referrals as well as direct mail to decide the final product. Colors, texture and the brand’s connotations play a much more significant role than functional attributes such as durability and value for money (Daniels, 2009). Various communication strategies could be used here. Considering that mothers (particularly housewives) are likely to buy this product, the ad would be aired on local television channels during a slot between 8-10 p.m. when mothers usually wind up their household chores and watch the television. It would also be aired on channels such as Baby TV since mothers are likely to watch this channel while sitting with their babies. ...
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