Repositioning Target Market Demographics Using U.S. Census Data

Repositioning Target Market Demographics Using U.S. Census Data Essay example
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Repositioning Target Market Demographics Using U.S. Census Data
Repositioning is the process of involving and executing certain major changes in a particular product for the purpose of competing with other similar products.


It can be stated that the target customers for compact cassettes could be the students as well as the young people who possesses the fascination in listening music. According to the Census Data of the United States, it has been apparently observed that the nation has the highest amount of listeners. On the basis of this significant data, it can be affirmed from a broader perspective that the repositioning of the product especially targeting the listeners like the youths as well as the students along with others fond of listening music would be beneficial. Relating to the aspect of repositioning, certain key dimensions are needed to be implemented that includes understanding company’s’ effort for doing well, discovering the needs of the customers and exploiting organizational strengths for meeting the demands of the customers. Another key dimension can be identified as culture building for focusing on customers as well as market intelligence (Trout, & Rivkin, 2009). From the above observation it can be stated that in order to enter into new market segment, it is required to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations. It can be observed that compact cassettes requires mass reproducing aspects, phonography records as well as prerecording for attracting customers in the global markets. ...
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