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Name: ID The subject of the article by Armelini and Villanuava (2011) is the rising power of social media in the field of marketing. The paper starts with a reminder that marketing has traditionally been conducted using methods that were related to the mass media of the late twentieth century.


Even in the early twenty first century there was only a minimal use of the internet and that was usually through advertisements and manipulation of simple search processes. These methods had the advantage of being familiar to everyone, and they could easily be monitored to produce hard facts and figures which allowed companies to measure the effectiveness of their marketing and their ratings with the public. It is widely reported that all of this has changed now that social media have taken over the world. The authors observe that traditional media like television are still popular, but they are being affected by the time that consumers spend on more interactive media such as twitter. The size of the shift towards social media is very large, but even more striking is the speed with which this change has happened. Even within the last two or three years there have been massive changes in the percentage share of traditional and social media when it comes to attracting consumer attention. Paradoxically the authors see in these modern trends a return to one of the basic truths about marketing, namely that word of mouth sells products more effectively than big budget advertising. Social media open up a new channel in which old fashioned word of mouth can flourish once more. ...
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