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Q1-ANS: The Pure Blonde’s success is due to the brand popularity in the premium beer customer segment. Pure Blonde is a differentiated product as the beer has positioned as a full strengthen premium beer with low carbohydrates. The packaging is one more important factor of creating a valuable brand positioning.


Therefore to cope up with this problem, the company decided to expands its market by distributing beer in clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. There has been a growing trend of health awareness and Aitkin’s diet, people of Australia are becoming more conscious about the diet particularly related to food and beverages. Moreover, people are following different kind of diet plans not to reduce the weight but to maintain a good healthy body and their fitness in terms of physical appearance and personality. From the year 2000, people have started focusing on low carbohydrate products so businesses in the industry have started focusing towards low carbohydrate products. With this changing environment of market and changing of taste and preferences of consumer, The Fosters group has analyzed that this should also be considered in the today’s beer market because a large number of people drinks beer regularly. However, some are diet conscious and are always thinking about the disadvantages of drinking beer particularly because of high carbohydrates. This concept was first identified and capitalized in 1960’s when Cooper launched a diet beer in the market. Bond Brewery then launched Swan Gold in 1980’s. However, both these products were struggling with their diet beers in the market and were losing their market share. ...
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