Learning Team Sales Plan: Phase Three

Learning Team Sales Plan: Phase Three Essay example
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Student Name Course Number Due Date Instructor Name Additions to the Original Sales Plan Additional goals and objectives The sales plan is intended to set a proper direction for the sales team by providing specific goals which should be achieved. In this case, a number of short-terms goals and long term goals will be added to the original plan in order to ensure that the organization has a proper direction in terms of its sales prospects.


With respect to sales, these objectives are essentially financial. The organization therefore seeks to increase sales for its products by 15 percent for the next six months. By providing such a financial sales objective, it becomes possible for the sales team to break it into quantifiable objectives. In addition, this sales plan further develops the sale objectives on the goals that have been formulated. Once realized, these objectives will help the organization in meeting its sales goal within a specific timeframe. The sales department expects an increase in the expenditures on advertisements and other forms of sale promotions as a result of the goals and objectives. In the original sale plan, it was realized that the crucial aspect about target sale market was actually lacking. In this case, the target market is included and covers market research information such as industry sales data. This would greatly be important in projecting the organization’s sales based on the industry figures. More importantly, the research will provide important information on the competitors and how the customer base is shared in the industry. Similarly, it provides information on market shares and competitive advantages. ...
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