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electronic advertising. Literature review example
Literature review
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Literature Review Name Institution Tutor Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Theoretical framework 3 Developments in Advertising 3 The effects and impacts of electronic advertising 9 Criticisms to Electronic Advertising 9 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Introduction This literature review will look at what other authors have done and researched upon in relation to the use of electronic advertising for the gaining of competitive advantage over competitors especially in relation to the business operations within and around Ghana.


In the survey the researcher emphasizes on the persuasive power and nature of advertising and how it is able to shift the customer preferences in relation to the products. The purposes of advertisement is to alter the preferences and tastes of the customers and consumers in relation to the products of the established companies and businesses or in relation to the operations of the company reputations (Doraszelski, Ulrich, Markovich, & Sarit, 2007).This information falls in line with the study of the use of electronic advertising for the purposes of obtaining a competitive advantage in Ghana since it has a comprehensive investigation into the nexus between electronic advertisement and the competitive advantages to companies (Yucelet, Uger.L., & Erderner, 1999). Developments in Advertising Advertising is a very important aspect of companies ability to sell out its products to the consumers .Consumers are very sensitive to the trends , fashions and the development of products within the economy. ...
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