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BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING Name: Course: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Sales Force and Value creation 4 Retention Engagement Theory (RET) 5 Service Dominant Logic 5 Construal-level theory 6 Cultural models of value perception and experiences 6 Conclusion 11 References 13 Introduction Business is an integral part of life since it ensures that customers obtain the services and products they want and need.


Blocker et al., (2012) asserts that the sales force is the driving force that plays an integral part of ‘translating customers’ voice back into the firm’. Needless to say that without an apt sales force, the business is deemed to fail. Thus on that premise, this paper strives to shed light on the importance of the sales force to promote service delivery by SPSL, identify available options regarding organization of this sales force, give a critical evaluation of the extent to which relationship available and business networks likely to enable SPSL to establish a new office and discusses in details the differences between business to business and business to consumer marketing elucidating merits and demerits. This is believed to enable the company to maintain the B2B relations by providing satisfactory services to both businesses and consumers. This is of great importance since Blocker and associates reiterated that the sales force are in a suitable position to not just recognize and manage individual customer profitability and cost, but they too play an integral part in influencing repeat purchase, increase share-spending as well as shape numerous strategic outcomes that could help firms appropriate greater value. ...
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