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Differentiation Factors Between Industrial and Non-Industrial Real-Estate, Thorough Focus on the Case of Kuwait Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Industrial vs. Non-Industrial Real Estate, Focus on Kuwait 5 III. Conclusion: Industrial versus Non-Industrial Land Use, Prospects in Kuwait 10 Works Cited 12 I.


In tandem with some good prospects for other GCC states, such as Qatar which is expected to benefit from the real estate boom fueled by its hosting of the World Cup in 2022, Kuwait is seen as enjoying a boost to its real estate sector in general moving forward, with positive signs in 2012. Of the three segments, residential, investment and commercial segments in Kuwait, it is the residential sector that has seen much growth in 2012, followed by the investment segment, and with the commercial segment trailing and exhibiting problems and poorer prospects overall relative to the residential and investment segments of the Kuwaiti real estate sector (Ejaz). Taking a step back, prior to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, it is worth noting that prospects for the Kuwaiti real estate sector were seen as very good by the mainstream investing public, with the real estate sector seen as being one of the key pillars of the Kuwaiti economy, together with oil and the Kuwaiti stock exchange. ...
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