Auer waffeln an austrian company's tale of growth,globalization and decline

Auer waffeln an austrian company
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Auer waffeln an Austrian company's tale of growth, globalization and decline Name: Institution: Introduction Marketing is a business management activity aimed at improving the business presence among a possible market segment. Marketing therefore entails the determination of new markets for the organizational products or services while marinating and improving is current market share.


Business organizations rely on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, which should always determine the potential of the market thereby informing the subsequent production process of the organization. An effective marketing process should inform the production thereby preventing the organization from incurring losses (Solomon et al, 2009). SWOT analysis The marketing process relies on a number of organizational analyses key among which is the SWOT analysis. This is a business tool used in analyzing the potential of the business organization in sustaining the market demands. The first two components of the analysis are the Strengths and weaknesses of the business organization while the last two are opportunities and threats of the business. The first two elements are therefore within the organization and the organization can manipulate them to ensure it sustains its profitability. The last two on the other hand exist externally; they are part of the market forces implying that the business organization cannon manipulate them. They therefore determine the profitability of the business. ...
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